About Us

We’re a team of digital marketing specialists with extensive experience facilitating connections between professionals. 

Through both our personal and professional experiences, we became convinced of the need to create a simple solution to connect with design professionals. In early 2019, we created Trouver mon Architecte (Find My Architect): a simple and efficient concept to select an architect near you, according to your project’s criteria, and get in contact quickly and directly. 

It soon came to our attention, however, that the search for an interior designer wasn’t always simple for architects looking to work with an interior decorating specialist. Through our personal experiences as well, we realised that finding an interior designer for a restaurant or home interior could be a difficult process. If only there was a better way to identify a true design professional than through tedious online research, exchanging endless emails and losing so much time.

That’s why we decided to create Trouver mon Décorateur (Find My Interior Designer), based on the same concept as Trouver mon Architecte. It’s a simple and efficient solution to help put you directly into contact with interior designers, based on your search criteria, without an intermediary and completely free of charge.